: Synchronization


You can use the synchronization function of the Android app to easily setup your channels and to keep an eye on the programs you think are important. For all possible synchronization functions you will need to install the Android Sync plugin in the desktop TV-Browser

Synchronization of channels

Currently only the channels of the EPGfree data plugin and EPGdonate data plugin can be synchronized because only these channels are supported by the Android app.

After installing the Android Sync plugin in the desktop TV-Browser you will be prompted for your username and password. After entering them you will be prompted with the export of the channel list. Only after the channel list has been exported you will be able to synchronize your channels with the Android app.

Highlighted programs of the desktop TV-Browser

In the settings of the Android Sync plugin you can choose which programs should be exported for synchronization. As default only the Favorites are exported. You can also choose a filter to control which highlighted programs should be exported. The programs will be exported every time you update your data in the desktop version (only once a day) or when you select the export manually in the tools menu or the toolbar.

Highlighted programs of the Android TV-Browser app

Your highlighted programs of the Android app will also be exported (configurable with exception of the synchronized programs of the desktop version). The Android Sync plugin will highlight these programs in the desktop version and will mark them with the Android Robot icon. You can see the programs in the plugin tree or in the plugin ProgramsList with the Android Sync filter activated. The programs will be synchronized at data update or if you choose to synchronize manually from the Tools menu or the toolbar.

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